Korea Westival’s new venue conveniently allows attendees to take a direct bus from the airport to the Grand Hilton Hotel.  We highly recommend taking the bus as it is the most affordable and convenient. 

Bus (recommended)

From Incheon Airport Terminal 1

On the first floor, leave the airport through exit 5 and catch bus number 6005. Check your bus route and purchase tickets at the Airport Bus Ticket Booth inside the arrivals hall (1F) by gates 4 and 9 or outside by gates 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 9C. Find the bus stop location written on your ticket. Go to the bus stop and check the bus route and departure time. When on the bus, make sure to listen to the English recording so you don't miss your stop.

Bus (recommended)

From Incheon Airport Terminal 2

On the floor B1, head towards exit/gate 29 where you will be able to take bus 6005 directly to the venue..  There will be booths/machines to purchase bus tickets on the way to the exit/gate.

How to read the bus ticket
  • 1. Destination: Located on the top, printed in Korean (e.g. If the destination is Lotte Hotel Seoul near Myeong-dong, “Lotte Hotel Seoul” will be written in Korean).

    2. Bus Fare: Korean won

    3. Bus Platform: The number indicates the gate number and the letter indicates left (A) or right (B) side (e.g. “04B, 11A” indicates a bus that departs from both the right side of Gate 4 and the left side of Gate 11.

How to read the bus platform sign
  • 1. Departure time: 24-hour system (e.g. “15:00, 20, 40” means the bus departs at 3:00 PM, 3:20 PM, and 3:40 PM).

    2. Bus platform number

    3. Bus line (e.g. this bus will head for City Hall).

    4. Bus route: List of the stops the bus will make (Korean, English).

  • In Korea, there are a variety of taxi types: regular, deluxe, jumbo, and international. Regular and deluxe taxis can take as many as four passengers at a time, while jumbo taxis have a capacity of up to nine passengers. The base fare for a regular taxi is 3,000 won (for the first 2km) while the base fare for deluxe and jumbo taxis are 5,000 won (for the first 3km). Please also note that regular taxis charge an extra 20% of the base fare after midnight (24:00-4:00), while no such additional fare is applied for deluxe and jumbo taxis.

    If by chance a driver tries to take advantage of you by demanding an inflated fare, report the incident to the Seoul Global Center (+82-2-2075-4180), which offers services in English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Pilipino, Uzbekistani, Russian and Thai. You can also report your complaint to the Dasan Call Center (+82-2-120), which offers services in English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Mongolian.

    * When calling within Korea, the +82 international calling code does not need to be dialed. In addition, the regional dialing code is excluded upon calling from the same province.

  • For more information on airport taxis, click