Maxence Martin & Virginie Grondin

Maxence - Creative patterns
only french dancer to have fisrt a title of Champion
Virginie - subtle body isolations and footwork

Maxence Martin and VirginieGrondin are two of the best and hottest dancing talents from the ever growing French WCS scene is causing unprecedented levels of excitement from within the global WCS community.This couple is renowned for their love of social dancing, and stay on the dance floor all night long!

Known for his creative patterns and smooth style,Maxence Martin is the only french dancer to have first a title of Champion in West Coast Swing.   His reputation has already helped him become one of the most popular professional teachers, and he spends most of his time teaching in different parts of the world

Known for her subtle body isolations and footwork, VirginieGrondin is one of the best West Coast Swing dancer in Europe right now.  In addition to her looks, her lovable personality and dance style has made her a very popular teacher